oh, and if you already didn’t notice. Green is my favorite colour 😛


Now going to play guitar bit before leaving to the lesson 😛

I should now write comment for english course. But surprise! I’m doing this…

I haven’t write for a while.. But now I’m on my way to home from guitar lesson. I continue this when I’m home 😀

At least I got my school things ready. Now I can sleep about 2 hours. Well, that’s better than nothing :/

I just get started with my summary in Finnish… It could be good idea go to sleep but I have to give this to teacher today… *yawn* I’m surprised I’m not as tired as I thought 🙂 but later today…… I will be so tired at school :/ well it’s my bad ’cause I left this to the last night before returning of the text….

We play this at music class and I play guitar with Kalle 🙂